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We offer our unique carbon fibre seating system in both a 16″ (40cm) and 19″ (48cm) width. With a variety of lining, cushioning and support options we can cater for pretty much anything.

No. Both the manual & the powered chairs will fit into most cars, even a Mini! Our GTE PowerChair will even fit into small SUV with all the wheels still on!

Yes. We can appreciate it looks as if this might look tricky but actually, placing yourself at a 45-degree angle enables most people to transfer into the Trekinetic without difficulty.

Depending on the height of the kerb, you can either just drive straight at it, or if the kerb is too high, reverse. Putting the chair onto its anti-tip rollers, you can then propel or power backwards. It’s simpler than it sounds!

No, the chair is comprised of only 3 separable parts and no tools are required.

Both our manual and power chair can be folded down with the wheels still on and fit into a small/medium sized vehicle. Alternatively you can unclip the quick release wheels, unclasp & collapse the rear castor wheel assembly, slide in the telescopic footrest and load it in 3 pieces.

The Manual K2 weighs 17kg or 9kg without the wheels. The powered GTE is 34kg or 15kg without wheels & battery.

Yes, both chairs have a patented variable wheel camber feature that enable you to change the angle of the wheels by simply turning a bar under the seat. The ‘Lean’ option will happily get you through all but the narrowest of doorways and ‘Mean’ will give you another 15 cm of width for maximum off-road stability. With a turning circle of just 100 cm,  it truly is a dual purpose indoor/outdoor chair.

Yes! The inner seat liner can be changed and the footplate can be lowered to accommodate a fully grown adult.

Yes, but this requires a replacement of the seat and undercarriage so it can be quite expensive. We highly recommend choosing the correct seat at the point of order.

We offer servicing directly at Trekinetic HQ but we also have a network of dealers that are able to provide servicing locally.

Our chairs are all custom built to order by hand at our premises in Hemel Hempstead in the UK. We do try and accommodate as many special requests as possible so please ask your local dealer if you have a bespoke requirement.

We offer a few options to protect against punctures, including tyre armour and tyre sealant which can be injected into the tyres. We also offer our ‘Safari Kit’ which includes a spare rear wheel, inner tube and all the tools that you would need to change a tyre. It also includes a plate and bag which sits behind the seat and is capable of holding a spare battery for our power chair.


The chair will happily travel in the hold and many airlines are now experienced with Trekinetic. If you have the powered GTE model, you may simply remove the joystick and pop it in your hand luggage. Both the NiMH and Li-ion batteries are below the 300wh limit for travelling by air. Regardless of battery type, advise the airline well in advance that a power wheelchair will be carried, just in case they need further information.

Yes, we offer our ‘Hyperforma’ seat liner that moulds to the child’s body and a raised footplate to support their feet. The footplate can be lowered over time and the seat liner can be re-moulded until such time as it is no longer needed when it can be simply removed.

4mph which means it’s classified as a Class 2 vehicle and is suitable for use on the pavement.

Yes! The front wheels are 24″ so will roll under a normal height table/desk.

Yes. We can provide a hoist kit if required which will attach to the relevant hoist system

Yes. We offer a fully fitted lap belt and can fix any 3rd party harness to either of our chairs.

The standard seat has an overall width of 71 cm and should go through all but the narrowest of doors. The extra wide seat increases the width to 79cm.

Yes. If the locking and retracting footplate is specified, it can be raised to suit the user’s exact leg measurements.

We provide a ‘long leg’ version for people with longer legs and a raised footplate for anyone that needs it.

Yes! The Trekinetic GTE is one of the only powerchairs on the market that can be turned into a manual chair at the flip of a switch.

Yes, we can move the joystick forward or backwards by up to 7.5cm

Yes, this can be made if required. Pricing on application.

Both our K2 and GTE chairs are rated to 18 stone or 114kg

Yes. We provide an optional folding support for amputees that attaches to the front of the seat. More information available on request.

Yes! Both the K2 and GTE are fully crash tested when using are 5 point vehicle restraint system, which include tie downs and lap belt.

Yes! It will need to come back to Trekinetic HQ however for modifying.

Yes! We can colour the outside shell of the seat in over 200 colours.

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By activating the tilt in space mechanism and reclining the chair, you can increase the ground clearance to go over more challenging terrain.

The user and attendant brakes on the K2 both allow you to slow and stop the chair without needing to touch the wheels, whereas the GTE has a built in electromagnetic brake that activates when the joystick is released.

The GTE Mk3 ships with a Lithium Ion battery with an approximate range of 30km.  There is also an optional Nickel Metal Hydride battery with a range of approximately 18km. Range is dependent on weight, conditions and terrain.

We recommend the first service after 6 months, but then typically every 12 months.