Little kids, big kids and everyone in between

At Trekinetic we realise that wheelchair users come in all shapes and sizes…especially growing kids! Rather than building a separate chair for youngsters, we thought we’d modify our regular manual and power chairs to be suitable for kids, so you don’t need to buy another chair in a few years.

With a few clever additions, both our manual and power chairs can easily be converted to accommodate children as young as five. Still super light, still not requiring a wheelchair accessible vehicle, and of course, still as effective off-road as on-road. 

Girl in Trekinetic K2 off road wheelchair on muddy path
Boy sitting in Trekinetic K2 off road wheelchair on snow
Boy in scouts uniform sitting in a Trekinetic GTE powerchair with raised footplate and hyperforma seat insert on gravel path

Hyperforma lining

Hyperforma seat lining and foam cushion for children in Trekinetic wheelchair

Using a modified version of the Burnett seating system, our unique Hyperforma seat attaches to our 16” or 19” carbon fibre seats. The insert is filled with tiny beads which can be moulded to the user’s exact shape, using a simple hand pump which attaches to a valve under the seat. The shape can be readjusted at any time, so it’s always supportive. The best part is that when the lining is no longer required, it can simply be removed.

Growth kit

Our chairs are designed to be extremely comfortable. Our growth kit raises the standard footplate to ensure we have the perfect leg support for all ages. This can easily be changed as needed, further down the line by adding or removing the spacers.

Close up of raised footplate for children on Trekinetic wheelchair

Colouring Time

Life is made to be enjoyed in glorious technicolour. Due to Trekinetic’s unique carbon fibre seat, we can customise the outside of the chair in a choice of over 200 colours…making your chair…well just a bit more ‘you’.

Customise your chair

Children's off road wheelchair

Trekinetic offers a wide range of additional options and accessories, including head rests, lap belts, harnesses and spoke guards that have been made with kids in mind. Head over to our options page for more information!

Manual or Power?



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More detail on our manual and power chairs can be found on the respective pages but please remember that our manual chair can be converted into a power chair in the future if it’s not required today!